Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Big words, unusual words!

I wasn't planning to blog at this point but have just read a post over on connexions and it has some marvelous words and some I will have to get the dictionary out for - it always reminds me of that section they used to have in Readers Digest 'It pays to improve your word power'. I just wonder how many people reading this type of blog actually read it all the way through or whether the words used sometimes mean they don't.
I can understand that some people are quite academic and will be able to understand the post well but does it lose some of its effectiveness if it is not easily understood by a wide range of people?

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Methodist Preacher said...

You are right.

They do use a lot of big words (and long sentences) over at connexions. I wonder if they use that sort of language in their sermons?

Long ago I decided that my sermons would be aimed at those most comfortable reading the Daily Mirror.

When you look at what Jesus actually says he clearly liked to keep his message simple.

That's the problem with much of Christianity - we are almost ashamed of admitting our simplicity when faced with the wonder of the gospel story.