Thursday, 6 September 2007

Elim to Methodism

Methodist Preacher raised an interesting question following my previous post as to why I had gone from Elim to Methodism as traffic is usually the other way.
My history is that I went to Sunday School at a Brethren Chapel (Bethesda - Hill Top,West Brom) and left at 14 because I knew it all and thought church was a load of rubbish. In my mid 20's got invited to a concert by a gospel rock band called 'Blazing Apostles' and then to the youth group at Spring Head Methodist Church in Wednesbury. Became a Christian following a visit to Wolverhampton Civic to hear Clive Calver who was with Youth For Christ at the time and began attending the Methodist Church at Wednesbury. When I got married my wife was attending the Elim Church in West Bromwich so we moved there and stayed for 7 years until about a year after a new pastor arrived who we didn't really gel with and we had some friends at the AOG church in Darlaston where we visited a few times and then felt God was calling us into ministry there so moved and stayed there for 7 years until my wifes 40th birthday when we had a party at the church and the entertainers did not go down too well with the leaders (two clowns who used to sing in various places round the midlands) and we were contacted by the pastor who told us the leaders were very unhappy so we decided perhaps it was time to leave. I was on the Walsall circuit plan as a visiting preacher so we tried one or two of the churches before arriving at Pleck one SDunday evening at 6-15p.m. for what we thought was a 6-30p.m. start and the service started at 6. We were made very welcome and consequently are still there (9 years now-managed to get past the 7 year itch). When we became members I was told if I wanted to continue preaching I would have to do Faith and Worship so did that and was full accredited in 2004 on my 50th birthday.
I really do feel that there is a ministry in Methodism for us and if I dare use the word I suppose I am an 'evangelical' and like to preach the gospel. The first time I go to a church I will normally preach on John 3 v 16 'For God so loved the world, that he gave his only son that whosoever believe in him should not persih but have everlasting life.' Surely the gospel in a nutshell and as the old chorus says I beleive I am 'A sinner saved by grace'. This is almost certainly what I will preach on at Cradley Heath on Sunday Morning.
Well Methodist Preacher hope this answers your question and sorry it is a little long but hey its not as long as some of the posts I see in other places.


Methodist Preacher said...

Thanks, that is really interesting. The simple gospel seems to be at the heart of your witness.

PS: Sorry about the Clowns

Fat Prophet said...

I was sorry about the clowns too - the worst thing they did was say the word 'Bum' in one of there songs. At the time I was more than a little disappointed as those people who were quick to condemn all watched the soaps avidly which to me contain some far worse stuff than this word but hey it may be that some think their loss was methodisms gain (alternatively their may be others who think the opposite)

Methodist Preacher said...

Thanks for the clarification. I did wonder what the clowns did that was so offensive.

I went to a Labour Party do once where half the audience walked out because the comedian was sexist and racist.