Sunday, 19 August 2007

Less of the old please!

One of my readers has posted a message on my previous blog saying welcome back you old blogger! Don't mind the blogger but not so sure about the old!!! I am only 21 after all!! Ha Ha!
Been busy today playing the organ this morning at Pleck Methodist and we had our first Christmas Hymn/Carol - Come and join the celebration! This evening played at St John's in Pleck and we had a hymn with the tune of It came upon a midnight clear so just thinking about getting the Christmas tree out.
My daughter informed me tonight that there are 128 shopping days to Christmas so it seem to be the topic of the day. Spoke at St Johns on Psalm 133 about how sweet it is when we dwell in harmony - what a great thought that is, the world dwelling in harmony and peace instead of the current turmoil that seems to rage. We sang O Lord the clouds are gathering and it just struck me how relevant it is to the state the world is in today. Caught a bit of a documentary on TV this afternoon about Moss Side in Manchester and some of the problems there. A lady was interviewed who had lived there for thirty years and she said she didn't let the goings on affect her life - she just carried on as normal! Sometimes I think that is the best thing to do as the baddies get less pleasure if they are ignored.
Some years ago I had a problem with nuisance phone calls (no not the automatic dialler types I get now) and tried everything - blowing a whistle, shouting, hanging up - in the end somebody suggested the next time I got a call I said 'Thank you for calling, please call again' and you know it worked the calls stopped.

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