Sunday, 8 July 2007

Wierd and Wonderful Web

I never cease to be amazed by what you can find on the internet - I was looking the other day at George Melly following his death and found a thing called the DeathList which he was on. Quite simply a committee meet once a year and choose 50 celebrities who they think will die during the coming year. I checked it out and I am not on it so I suppose that means I am not a celebrity or I am not going to die this year.
Some of the folk on it were Billy Graham; Karl Malden (Streets of San Francisco) Ernest Borgnine (another handsome actor) Eli Wallach (Cowboy film star) and our own Dame Vera Lynn.
Apparently they keep score and the highest score was in 2004 when 14 of the 50 died. Last year 13 died and so far this year there have been 3 deaths.
Perhaps you might want to check it out in case you are on it.

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