Sunday, 15 July 2007

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Somebody once told me that Sunday was a day of rest but mine today has been far from that. Went to Pleck this morning where I was playing the organ and following a conversation last week our minister did communion without the aid of a safety net(worship book) and I have to say he seemed far more relaxed and I felt it was a really good service - he had six good hymns as well so that was good, my son said he had enjoyed the service very much.
Did a trip to Oswaldtwistle (near Accrington) this afternoon and the drive both ways was horrible due to heavy rain and spray - arrived back at ten to six and had to be out again at 6p.m. to help with a service at St John's, Pleck. This was the last joint service we will do with the current Vicar as he is off to Penn at the end of July.
Glad I am back at work tomorrow might be able to get five minutes rest during the day!

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