Monday, 18 June 2007

Why 5

I have been driving for about 36 years now and I really do think that the quality of driving has gone downhill (no pun intended). When I learnt to drive we were still using hand signals and I don't mean the rude ones that you will often see drivers using today. There is one street in Walsall where there are two left hand turns within five or six yards of each other and I still use a hand signal if I am turning down the first one to tell drivers I am turning at the first one - not many people seem to understand it until I actually turn and then it often seems as if the penny drops.
So here is my why for today - why do drivers not indicate when turning - do they think the people behing them have crystal balls or even crystal sat navs - I am amazed there are not a lot more rear end shunts.

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Methodist Preacher said...

If you have been driving round the potholes of Walsall for the last zillion years you certainly deserve a medal!