Saturday, 16 June 2007

Nearly a week!

Yes folks it's almost a week since I made my first post and I was tempted make a comment about a week being a long time in politics, but then I realised I am not a politician.
Have just checked the stats on sitemeter and I have to say I am pleasantly surprised how many are actually looking at this blog!
I see one of my friends from Bentley in Walsall also reads the Recorder along with another member at Bentley so that's at least three of us in the circuit.
I've been looking at some of the other Methodist blogs and there seems to be some good stuff out there and in the sense of putting something remotely spiritual on this blog I was thinking of posting a Vestry Prayer each week because I know there may be some hard pressed stewards who would appreciate this - I did do a book of vestry prayers for year B as my project for the end of my local preacher training course and it was very well received in our circuit. Any thoughts on this folks?


janet Heaven said...

A few vestry prayers would be fantastic for the stewards. I have attempted to help them in the past, but I know my efforts will not be as professional as the Fat prophet's!
Janet Heaven

Methodist Preacher said...

Good idea. I don't think stewards understand how important that two or three minutes praying in the vestry is. A moment of calm between the rush of preparation and time of delivery.